Pony Pals:
(10 to 13yr)

What is the Pony Pals Horsemanship Education Program?

Horsemanship Education is a fee based (total of $40), 4-week education program about being around horses, safely handling them, grooming, and getting them ready to ride. This service does not include riding. Following the course is a practical horsemanship skills test in which the youth must demonstrate sufficient skills, attention to detail, good awareness of safety for themselves, others, and the horses prior to signing up to be a Pony Pals Volunteer.

Objectives: Acquire non-mounted horsemanship skills, following directions, personal safety around horses, approaching a horse with intention and mindfulness, correctly haltering, asking the horse for movement, grooming and putting the saddle on the horse, and working as a member of a team.


A) Acquire basic knowledge and skills to handle quiet horses
B) Work as part of a team
C) Have FUN


A) 10 to 13 years old
B) Does not have a significant physical, cognitive or emotional/behavioral challenge
C) Parent / Guardian remains onsite while Pony Pal is at HALTER
D) Attend 4-week Equine Fundamentals Education – $40

a. Three 1-hour sessions on Tuesday (5:30pm to 6:30pm)

b. One 1.5-hour session on the 4th Tuesday (5:30pm to 7pm)

c. Pass final skills test

Program Background: From February 2022 to January 2023, HALTER identified that 50% of all the Pony Pals who went through our orientations required more than our basic ‘on the job’ training and more supervision that HALTER is able to provide. Rather than canceling he Pony Pal volunteer opportunities, HALTER developed this new approach, which will allow our current and potential Pony Pals to receive focused instruction on horsemanship while developing some problem solving and communication skills. Youth who require more supervision and direction than we can provide our Pony Pals can instead apply for our Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) service.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL): This service facilitates the participants learning communication, problem solving, emotional literacy and mindfulness skills, among others. This service is limited to 4 participants at this time. If we cannot currently accommodate your child, he or she will be put on our waiting list.

Volunteer Application (Ages 10-13)